BIOGAS compressor unit

BIOGAS compressor unit upgrading plant from Fornovo Gas.

With over than one hundreds working compressors in natural gas production plants, Fornovo Gas is the main leader in Europe concerning this sector.
Thanks to quality of materials and to technical solutions, our compressors are extensively used in operative systems of natural gas derived by biomass.
Fornovo Gas gives particular attention to components in direct contact with gas blends, which, in biogas field, have on their structure and composition, very aggressive elements.
For this reason, many of main constructors of Upgrading systems, use Fornovo Gas products in order to clean their Biogas plants from CO2 and from hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Once Biogas converted in Biomethane, you can use our compressors for:

A) Gas injection in urban network. The compressor increases its impaction until 12, 20, 30, 50 or 70 bar, depending on country of reference.
B) Automotive Gas Distribution. The compressor increases its impaction until minimum of 250 bar in order to supply public or private taxi fleets, bus or truck.
C) Underground gas stock. The compressor increases its impaction until 100, 150, 200 or 250 bar depending on the country.

Biomass is an interesting and rising renewable energy source. In all countries, without exception, you can find reserves of this raw material.

BIOGAS compressor unit upgrading plant.

Fornovo Gas is world’s biggest producer of compression solutions for biogas/biomathane/biomass gases. Many projects installed in Europe and all over the World. Special materials and safety systems are available at customer’s choice.

Biomass is a promising renewable energy source which is present in all countries.
One of the more common uses for Fornovo Gas compressors is for biogas compression, after the gas has been upgraded by removing impurities and siloxanes.
Following the purification process, the gas can be compressed to 250 bar and then it can be used as fuel (biomethane).
BIOGAS compressor unit upgrading plant from Fornovo Gas.

FORNOVO GAS is a European Leader in Biogas and Biomethane compression!

Fornovo Gas compressor has a specific features for Biogas/Biomethane:
– Non lubricated cylinders designed for Biogas/Biomethane applications.
– Two or three cylinders, V or W configuration
– Cylinders for very low biogas suction pressures up to 375 bar (g) MAWP
– Force fed lubricated crankcase of biogas compressor
– Extremely low vibration amplitudes, velocities and accelerations – necessary for a Biogas upgrading plants
– Rotation speeds from 700 to 1800 rpm
– Direct coupling (electric or biogas/gas engine driven)
– Up to four compression stages
– Up to 400 kW (DA300 model). These compressors can be used for Biogas injection.
– Wide range of biogas inlet pressures, from 0.02 to 70 bar (g)
– Sturdy yet compact design
– Oil free option for Biomthane CNG stations.

FORNOVO GAS biogas technology is one of the most advanced in the Biogas upgrading compressor market, thanks to the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) of each component. This in depth study allows FORNOVO GAS to reach high levels of performance in Biogas compressioning and injection that our competitors cannot reach in terms of durability, stability and vibration control.

Why FORNOVO GAS for a biogas upgrading/injection/storage solution?
– Very deep experience in compressing biogas and biomethane
– 0.02 bar(g) to 90 bar(g) inlet pressure and up to 6000 Sm3/h capacity of biogas
– Heavy duty, dry cylinder, dedicated, designed and tested piston glyds for 8000 working hours without substitution
– No oil in customer’s biogas/biomethane/CNG storage
– Modular technology, high quality equipment (certified process), plug and play or customized solutions for each Biogas production plant
– Almost 100 compressors working in European biogas plants

Compressor unit from Fornovo Gas is a best solution for Biogas Injection and Biomethane Filling station!

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