DA300 Reciprocating Compressor

Extremely compact and versatile, it adapts to any suction pressure. Easy to maintain, with the guarantee of low oil consumption, low starting current and low compression costs.

Designed to be installed either inside GASVECTOR modules or in service rooms, it can work in conjunction with an electric motor or with a gas engine up to maximum 400 kW power with flow rates exceeding 8.000 Sm3/h.


  • Reciprocating compressor with non lubricated cylinders
  • 2 or 3 cylinders configuration
  • Water or Air cooled cylinders
  • Wide range of piston-sleeve modules available
  • New adjustment system for the direct motor-compressor coupling
  • Minimal vibration thanks to a perfectly balanced compressor
  • Innovative pistons and seals compared to industry standards
  • Control panel with HMI display
  • Inbuilt remote control of the system
  • Lowest oil consumption on the market
  • Compact layout means optimized space and ease of maintenance
  • Disponibile anche in versione OIL FREE

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